General Information

FARC has promoted running and race walking in central Jersey since January, 1983. We put on about 25 running events a year, plus maintain an active club that includes weekly group runs (Sundays),  periodic meetings with guest speakers, newsletters and social events (baseball games, picnic, annual party). We are also big on kids races, plus award anywhere from 2 to 4 college scholarships each year, depending upon applicants. Many of our races are charity events, which typically donate over $25,000 each year to local charities.

FARC itself is a 501(c)3 not for profit organization. We currently have over 400 memberships.  Our members range from some serious competitors to the 'just stay in shape' runners, which includes most of us.

Mailing Address:

Freehold Area Running Club

P.O. Box 4

Manalapan, NJ   07726

Note: Mailing Race Applications to the Freehold Area Running Club

We are more than happy to put out your race applications at our races.

Please do not mail them to our P.O. Box address, this is our business address.

Please contact us via our e-mail at and our web master will direct you to our

Race Director for that race or event.

Established:  1983

Membership:  400

Executive Officers 
President  Ron Salvio

VP  Mark Guberman

VP  Bud Fitch
Treasurer  Janet Bergum 

Secretary  Carrie Schaefer 


Standard Membership Fee (Receive Newsletter by Both Postal and email):

1 YEAR (Good thru 12/31/20)                   $20.00             $ 30.00

3 YEAR (Good thru 12/31/22)                   $45.00             $ 65.00

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Matthew Stuper Scholarship

The Freehold Area Running Club (FARC) awards scholarships to deserving members who will be continuing their education at college, vocational/technical, or graduate school. Each scholarship is a one-time award. An applicant may apply during any year in which he or she is enrolled full-time in school, beginning with the senior year of high school.  The deadline for submitting applications is March 31st.  The Scholarship Committee reviews applications and reach a decision at the end of April each year.

Please note these guidelines:

1. The applicant must be a member of FARC for at least the last 3 consecutive years.

2. The applicant will be evaluated based on criteria established by the FARC Scholarship Committee, as approved by the Board of Trustees.

Criteria include

1.  Participation in cross-country and track in high school, college, and /or club races. (This includes being part of a team as manager, etc.)

2.  Participation in other school or community sports and activities.

3.  Academic achievements.

4.  The applicant’s and family’s support/assistance in FARC events.

5.  Letters of reference.

6.  The quality of your essay.

Applications may be obtained by

1.  Print from web site Click Here

2.  Writing to the following:

FARC Scholarship Committee

c/o Avram Shapiro

P.O. Box 4

Manalapan, NJ   07726 

Please mail completed application with letters of recommendation to the above address.


Matthew J. Stuper Scholarship Recipients


Nolan Kus, Kyle Spector, Tommy Decker, James Gaughan


Families, Awardees, FARC Board Members

The Decker Family

The Kus Family

The Gaughan Family

The Spector Family




Kyle Reed, Carmela Apostle, and Nicholas Lundberg




Rachel Kenny & Will Spector



Ciara Roche



Vincenzo Ferriola

Kerry Dyke

Nicole Francese



Keelia Decker

Billy Foster


 Cody Vientos, Kendall Roche, Ted Apostle, Mia Apostle, Brianne Roche, Danielle Friedman

(Unable to Attend: Laura Coyne. But here is a photo taken from the web)


More photos from the club meeting:






Heather Spadola, Arielle Weiner, Caroline Kellner



Marcia Borchardt (Peddie School) and Susan Walsh (Point Pleasant High School)


Roy Apostle, Ron Apostle, Mackenzie Roche, Lauren Hyer, Jeffrey Weitz, Randy Spadola, and James Decker











 Jason Weiner                   Kaitlin Kellner           Allyson Moskal            Ryan Spadola               Melissa Provost


Alexis Roy

Jack Tarpey

Jacqueline Roy


Richard Roman

Renee Hyer



Ashley Higginson

High School: Colts Neck

College Choice: Princeton, NJ

Mike O'Flaherty

High School: Freehold Boro

College Choice: Wesleyan College, West Virginia (Junior Next Year)

Edward Anskar Fosse

High School: Ranney School

College Choice: Gettysburg, PA

Rachel Provost

High School: Peddie School

College Choice: Duke University


Ken Walsh

High School: Point Pleasant Borough

College Choice: Ramapo


Erica Weitz, Sean Coyne, Kerry Calnan


Timothy Dunsheath:

We have seen this young man grow up in the FARC family. He has been our Rabbit for the KSN series half mile and mile. Sometimes his little brother jumps ahead of him.  He has helped with our Winter Series carrying donuts, setting up and cleaning up, worked at the St Paddy’s day race, and Our Women’s Only races.  He uses running to stay in shape. His sport is Football but with his Dad’s coaching he has found that running is a sport to use for conditioning.  He and his family represent what a FARC family is all about.  We have seen him watching out for his little brothers with care and love for them.  He is going on to college and wants to major in Computer Engineering.  We wish him good luck in his future studies and his football career. 

Laura Saffer:

This young lady is an avid runner. She and her family have been FARC members for many years. She has run both our Summer and Winter series.  She received 12 varsity letters while at Manalapan High School and is an athlete for the NCAA Division One University North Carolina Greensboro Spartans earning a 3.63 GPA. She represents what a student/athlete is all about. 

Melissa Vientos:

Here we have another FARC family of runners. Along with her Dad and brother, she has participated in our Winter and Summer Series. She has also worked finished line at our St Paddy’s race and our Toys for Tots race. She ran cross-country and track for St John Vianney. She is an outstanding student/athlete and will be attending Monmouth University running for the Hawks this fall.

Megan Skeehan:

We have another outstanding student/athlete earning a varsity letter in track at Allentown High School while earning a 3.93 GPA. This is another FARC family that comes out to our events and participates and volunteers their time to make it happen for FARC.


Allyson Rosen, James Coomber, Daniel O'Brien and Lisa Oldak


Victor Vientos, Adam Salberg, Jason Skeehan, Matt Forys, Nathan Bergum, Ken Anderson (Not pictured) 


DAVID O'BRIEN, Raritan High School

CHRISTOPHER REED, Freehold Township High School

As you will see from the sketches that follow, we are pleased and honored to have David and Christopher as our scholarship recipients.

David, ranking 9th in his graduating class, is the son of Tom and Donna O'Brien. Tom has been a FARC board member and he, Donna, and David have been involved with the club for many years. In addition to working part-time at Sports Authority, David has been involved in any high school activities. He has lettered in marching band for four years, is a member and officer of the National Honor Society, the National Music Honor Society, and the National Drama Honor Society. He has placed first in forensic tournaments, Spanish competitions, and was voted most dedicated student in the concert band. He is also a member of the jazz band. In marching band he won the leadership award and was voted best brass player. He has been involved in production and acting ends of many school plays and musicals and serves as public relations/historian for the Drama Club and Tri-M. Throughout high school he has taken all the honors and AP courses available. David has run in a few local races and even has done a duathalon. We wish the David the best of luck as he begins his college career at the College of New Jersey.

Chris has lettered in varsity spring and winter track for four years and cross-country for three years. He has served as captain in all three sports this year. He also works part-time at Jersey Freeze. He has been named to the 3rd team in the Monmouth County Indoor 400 and the All-District winter and spring track teams. Christopher and the entire Freehold Township boys' track team have had a super year. Through April, he has the best shore performance of the year in the 400 hurdles (56.1) and, with the relay team, the sprint medley (3:30.2). The 4 x 400 relay team won their division at the Holmdel relays in April. In a meet with Middletown South, Chris tripled with wins in the 400 hurdles (57.5), the 800 (2:05), and the long jump (19-2 ½). This winter his 1600 indoor relay team broke the all-time Freehold Township High School record for the 1600 in a time of 3:38.21. Chris has been among the top finishers at many of our summer series races. We enjoy having him and all the young people compete in them. To quote from Chris's essay: " I think that the people are the secondary reason I attend FARC activities, next to the actual races of course." We wish Chris the best of luck as he continues his education at Rowan University.


Erin Coyne, Mark Haviland, Jennifer Saa, and Christopher Skeehan.