Friday 5k For Women

By Jim Robbins     

The Freehold Area Running Club (FARC) presented the Friday 5K for Women on the  drizzly evening of June 25 and 115 women road racers competed in the 15th annual event held in Marlboro Township and staged at the Recreation Community Center on Wyncrest Road.

Ashley Higginson of Marlboro, last year's runner-up, was first in from the course that starts and finishes at the Center at a racing time of 19:34 (19 minutes and 34 seconds).  Coming in second from the 3.1 mile challenge that meanders out and back through tree-lined, adjacent streets including Monmouth Heights, a development where resident spectators offered cheers and applause, was Christy Defilippis of Tinton Falls at 19:42 followed by Morganville's Erica White at 20:05.

At about the 1 1/2-mile mark both Higginson and Defilippis broke away from a pack of five runners and raced together until a half mile to go when Higginson went out in front to stay, so informed co-director Bob Hyer who witnessed the race from the back of the pick-up truck, that served as the lead vehicle driven by Phil Hinck.  "I love the rain and this is my home town so I know a lot of people and they were all cheering for me so it was a lot of fun," said tonight's 15-year-old champion when asked to comment on the weather and course. Her time tonight was 19 seconds faster than last year.

Fran Emanuel of Brick Township was the first racewalker to finish at 34:57 followed closely by Joan Venslavsky, Robbinsville, at 35:01 and Marlboro's Sandy Pollock was the third racewalker at 37:36. "I did close the gap, but couldn't catch her, Fran was too good," said Venslavsky when asked if she tried to catch the winner. "It's just great  - so many people cheering for you along the way,"said Emanuel when asked to comment on the course and "yes, but I always like to do better," she said when asked if she were satisfied with her racing time.   

Special categories of Mother - Daughter and Sister - Sister were won by Rosemarie Rosen 27:45 with Allyson 22:23 for a total of 50:08; and Pat Hancock 24:59 with Michele Kirsch 26:47 for a total of 51:46, respectively.

"I enjoy this race a lot," was the immediate comment of Pam Allen of Oceanport a few seconds after she crossed the finish line at the access road of the Center at 23:33.  "I like it because I get an opportunity to renew friendships with the ladies who run this every year," she further added.

The event included a Marlboro 1 Mile Fun Run, held on the bike paths and roads of the Municipal Complex, with about 40 involved. Nine-year-old Brian Dunsheath, going into the 4th grade at Lafayette Mills school in Manalapan was the winner and his mom, Terry, serving tonight as one of the many volunteers, couldn't have been prouder: "It was fantastic; it was wonderful; it was great!" she exclaimed when asked her thoughts on Brian's winning.   

"Women's-only races are designed to encourage women to come and participate and that racing exists beyond high school and college," said Isabelle Keeley, Freehold, vice-president of FARC and past-president of the Shore Athletic Club, on hand tonight to assist in the sundry activities, when asked her thoughts on this type of event. "The races bring an awareness that women should be exercising for life to build strong bones, strong heart, and their whole well being is enhanced by getting involved in running," she further offered. Keeley, involved in racewalking for over fifteen years, boasts of finishing a 100 kilometer racewalk (62 miles) in Ohio in 1993.

Awards of crystal-jewelry boxes and clocks with photo frames were presented to the aforementioned winners and age-group leaders by co-directors Bob and Linda Hyer, both past-presidents of FARC at the gymnasium of the Center which served as the award area while the wilted racers were enjoying refreshments. Marcia Shapiro, veteran member of FARC, was in charge of the volunteers, which were mainly the men members of the club and offered that, " One thing about this club, you never have to worry about volunteers; they always come out when you ask them."

Jack Lucey, Howell, and Roberta Eisner, Aberdeen, were responsible for the computer results. Beneficiary is the Sandra M.Glazier Foundation.

"I want to thank all the volunteers for generously giving of their time and efficient efforts and also the Marlboro Police Department for traffic control. And a special thanks to our sponsors and to the business community for raffle prizes and refreshments," said Linda Hyer, co-director, in summing-up comments

Other area finishers:
    Marlboro:  Jessica Whang 20:26,   Rachel Morris 22:42,   Ann Jacobson  23:00,   Nancy Jen 24:29,   Abbie Kipnis 24:56,   Ann Walsh 25:09,   Lindsay Cutler 26:10,   Jill Borowsky 27:19,   Lauren Eineker 28:46,   Cunna Kipnis 29:23,   Susan M. Schwartz 56:48         Crissy Judge 22:01,  Abbie Kipnis 22:39,  Rachel Morris 22:47,  Anne Jacobson 23:17,  Lauren Eineker 23:57,  Abbie Skurat 24:44,  Carol Lombardi 25:38,  Linda Hyer 25:53,  Heidi Neufeld 26:08,  Ann Walsh 26:48,  Michele Krasner 27:36,  Carolyn Zilberman 27:48,  Joanne Sinsky 28:06,  Bonnie Sugarman 29:20,  Cleo Poosikian 29:23,  Susan Schwartz 32:58,  Tiffany Decker 33:03,  Joan McNamara 33:56,  Leann Sinsky 34:32,  Joann McAvoy 36:58,  Barbara Coomber 37:39.    

    Manalapan:  Laura Saffer 21:44,  Liz Spector 22:01,  Laurie Salberg 23:45,  Shari Cohen 26;44,  Shirley Lew 30:31  Ruth Ann Huttula 30:40,  Tim Ng 31:31,  Janet Blum 33:52,  Dolores Preustar 35:00,  Diana Weiss 35:12.

     Morganville:  Barbara Feinstein 21:08,  Tracy Kochian 23:50,  Jennifer Vetrano 25:29,  Hillar Kagan Hirschberg 26:02,  Jessica Martini 26:15,  Beth Perrone 29:03,  Andrea Shweky 30:05,  Ann Bradley 31:00,  Gail Weitz  31:03,  Lauren Zwang 32:46,  Amy Zwang 33:36,  Bonnie Kanter 34:19,  Debbie Mondry 34:20.

     Others:  Catherine Lynch 20:18, Shrewsbury;   Danielle Plenzo 21:17, Colts Neck;   Marti Rettino 23:22, Matawan;   Carolyn Anastasio 23:27, Howell;   Susan Patla 23:29, Matawan;   Theresa McKean 24:40, Neptune City;   Theresa Brizendine 25:11, Matawan;   Wilma Soscia 26:24, Hazlet;   Pat Coyne 26:33 and Christine Kaunt 26:50, Freehold;   Laura Hoffman 27:09, Oceanport;   Susan Mazzo 27:10, Fair Haven;   Kathy Craven 27:13, Freehold;   Dotty Brown 27:22, Matawan;   Donata Lombardi 27:32, Freehold;   Marilyn Ryder 27:48, Long Branch;   Diane Cheer 28:03, Manasquan;   Bonnie Tedesuhi 28:18, Long Branch;   Cindy Monica 28:23, Freehold;   Fior Bruton 28:36, Keyport;   Janice Krilla 29:26, Tinton Falls;   Debbie Madge 29:28, Freehold;   Robin Stefiuk 29:39, Atl. Highlands;   Peggy McKean 31:24, Neptune;   Penny Hinck 31:53, Long Branch;   Eileen Murphy 32:52, Red Bank;   Linda Pressler 34:09, Aberdeen;   Carol Ann Viola 34:25, Ocean;   Carolyn Cornely 35:17, Belford;   Maureen Kinsley 37:44, Howell;   Cynthia Natoli 39:34, West Keansburg;   Beth DeMichele 35:39, Hazlet.

Road racers have the Firecracker Five on Sunday, July 4, at 8:35 a.m. at Wall Township Municipal Building, info call 732-280-1281.  On Saturday, July 10, is the Belmar Five Johnny Cobb Memorial Run at 8:30 a.m., info call 732-571-2162.  It's the JCC Summer Classic 5K at 9 a.m. on July 18 in Deal, info call 732-531-9100 x 151.